The #GenCantRnW contest has a fabulous winning game. But with so many games submitted, the team wanted to highlight a few more of the favorites. There was huge diversity in theme and mechanisms and, needless to say, it was difficult to pick a single winner.


These games caught the hearts and minds of our judging team. You can see they’re quite different from each other but all of them stand on their own as an excellent roll and write experience.

(in no particular order)

Designer Game
Danny Devine Jurassico
Matt Golec Recycling Route
Robin David Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician
Daniel Solis Washington D6



Each judge had their favorites or individual games that captured their hearts. Our Honorable Mentions are games that we think deserve a little extra praise and attention.

(in no particular order)

Designer Game
Adrienne Ezell Roll'd Gryphon Air Corps
David Short Elixir
Mark Jindra Pencils and Powers
Carlos Magno Rosa The Grand Magus of Ibaur
Sye Robertson Color-In Kingdom
Andrew Bellavie Rolling Rails
Michael Eskue Boxcars
Steven Aramini Captain's Curse
Crystal Pisano Cruciverbalist
Sarah & Will Reed The Write Path
Lucas Gerlach Raise The Shields
Chris Anderson Canterpillar Feast
Patrick Brophy Six Sided Stout
Aaron Wilson GTFO the Colony
Joe Bridges Homes & Watson Adventures in The Fog

And, as shared earlier, most (if not all) of these designs will be available for download for you to play at home. If you play one of these games, please let the designer know! Their generosity of time and access to these games will provide hours of fun for everyone at home.

Thank you everyone for making our first game design contest an absolute success.

#GenCantRnW – Finalists and Entries

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