Are you wondering how you can help with or be part of #GenCant?


Be a GenCant attendee! Registration is free, fast, and easy (because you don’t need to do anything!) Not going to Gen Con? Guess what – you’re already a GenCanter! Have fun with our UnConvention… talk, post, and tweet about your GenCant adventures. We’ll have a badge for you to download, print, and wear and contests and social media games to play. Join our BGG Guild! Follow us on Twitter! Remember to hashtag all your adventures with #GenCant on Twitter.


Each year we have a variety of “events” hosted online. In 2016 please keep an eye out for…

  • #MegaKaruba sponsored by HABA USA
  • A Nutella haiku contest (we’re totally serious) sponsored by LudiCreations
  • Snapshot games played on Twitter and in the BGG Guild
  • Annual Photo Contest that highlights everyone’s GenCant adventures (launches Aug 4)
  • GenCant Raffle – full of tons of amazing prizes (launches Aug 4)

Info will be posted on Twitter and in our BGG Guild.


One of the exciting things about GenCant is that, with the generosity of the community, we get to give away tons of great stuff! If you’d like to donate to the #GenCantRaffle prize pool, please read below.

Game designers, publishers, and enthusiasts – we welcome prize donations! Prize guidelines:

  • Items such as games, promos, and accessories that are board game related.
  • Items are new/unused (handmade is great!)
  • Items are available for shipping no later than August 12, 2016. We are not accepting donations for future crowdfunding projects, etc. 

Please email with the following information for your donation:

  1. What are you donating? How many?
  2. How would you like to be acknowledged on the sponsor page?
    1. Name of donor
    2. URL to link to
    3. Logo
  3. Will you ship Internationally or U.S. only?

Typically donors ship directly to winners after the event to reduce the fulfillment load. All donors are asked to mail their donation directly to the winner(s) no later than August 12, 2016. If, for some reason, you want to donate but cannot ship directly to the winner, please contact me and we’ll try to make arrangements to help with fulfillment. 

If you have any questions about donations, fulfillment, etc – please email


Podcasters, reviewers, social media mavens – chat up #GenCant, engage in social media, or create custom UnConvention content. Please contact us if you’d like to coordinate your content or discuss media coverage and interviews.


For questions about Prizes or Media links – please contact

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1753

Issaquah, WA 98027

(Please do not send items without discussing it with Suzanne first – prizes will be mailed direct to winners.)