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Category Description Donor
Accessory Set of GenCanterpillar Meeples Meeple Source
Game Bloodborne The Card Game – signed by designer Eric M. Lang Cool Mini Or Not
Game Potion Explosion Cool Mini Or Not
Game Unusual Suspects Cool Mini Or Not
Accessory The Quiver (x5) Quiver Time
Game Signed copy of Lanterns Renegade Game Studios
Game Signed copy of FUSE Renegade Game Studios
Game Signed copy of Lotus Renegade Game Studios
Accessory $50 Gift Card to The Broken Token (x10) The Broken Token
Game Junk Art Bamboozle Bros
Accessory Board Game Shadow Box ($50 value) John DuBois
Game Avignon – Clash Of Popes w/ Kickstarter bonus pack John DuBois
Game Viceroy base game with 9 card promo pack (x3) Mayday Games
Game  Mow Money (x4) Mayday Games
Game  Captain Carcass (x3) Mayday Games
Game  Garbage Day Limited Edition (x3) Mayday Games
Game  Dungeon Busters Limited Ed. (Gen Con release) w/ gems & power pack promo cards (x6) Mayday Games
Game Tiny Epic Kingdoms Deluxe Gamelyn Games
Game Tiny Epic Defenders Deluxe Gamelyn Games
Game Tiny Epic Galaxies Deluxe Gamelyn Games
Game The Heroes of Kaskaria HABA USA
Game Karuba HABA USA
Game Adventure Land HABA USA
Game Saloon Tycoon Van Ryder Games
Game Salvation Road Van Ryder Games
Game Tides of Madness (x2) Portal Games
Game Cry Havoc Portal Games
Game 3 Wishes (x3) Passport Game Studios
Game Quartz Passport Game Studios
Game Titan Race Passport Game Studios
Game Islebound (x2) Red Raven Games
Game Artifacts Inc (x2) Red Raven Games
Game  Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition (x5) Steven Jackson Games
Game Wizard Dodgeball Mind The Gap
Game Deception Murder In Hong Kong + bonus Grey Fox Games
Game A Study In Emerald 2nd Ed. + bonus Grey Fox Games
Game Champions of Midgard + bonus Grey Fox Games
Bundle $25 gift card + 10000 points + Mystery Prize Flip The Table Podcast
Game The Networks (x3) Formal Ferret Games
Game Gloobz (x2) Gigamic World
Game Difference – special giveaway Gigamic World
Game Panic Lab – special giveaway Gigamic World
Game Oceanos IELLO
Game Shotten Totten IELLO
Promo King Of Tokyo – Space Penguin Promo (x10) IELLO
Game Klask Klask
Promo BattleCon Promo Pack (x15) Level 99 Games
Promo Pixel Tactics Promo Pack (x15) Level 99 Games
Game Conspiracy! + Bigfoot Set + Gen Con promos (x2) Shoot Again Games
Game Looting Atlantis Shoot Again Games
Gift Card £10 voucher (x5) Board Game Hut
Gift Card $25 to Rolling Dice & Taking Names
Game Hive (Titan Series) Calliope Games
Game Menu Masters (Titan Series) Calliope Games
Game Running With The Bulls (Titan Series) Calliope Games
Game Roll For It Deluxe Calliope Games
Game Tsuro Of The Seas Calliope Games
Game Dead of Winter: The Long Night (x2) Plaid Hat Games
Game SteamRollers (signed) Mark Gerrits
Game Hocus (x3) Hyperbole Games
Game Farmageddon (x3) Hyperbole Games
App BattleLore Command (Steam) Asmodee Digital
App Elder Sign Omens (Steam) Asmodee Digital
App Small World 2 (Steam + Android) Asmodee Digital
App Ticket To Ride (Steam + Android) Asmodee Digital
App Splendor (Steam + Android) Asmodee Digital
Game Vast: The Crystal Caverns Leder Games
Game Sheriff of Nottingham (signed) Arcane Wonders
Game Sheriff of Nottingham (x2) Arcane Wonders
Game Speechless Arcane Wonders
Game Royals Arcane Wonders
Game Bear Valley Stronghold Games
Game Kraftwagen v6 Stronghold Games
Game City of Spies: Estoril 1942 Stronghold Games
Game Stellar Conflict Stronghold Games
Game Kune v Lakia (x3) Ludicreations
Bundle Cash N Guns 2nd Ed + $10 gift card to game store Completely Board
Game Thief's Market (x5) Tasty Minstrel Games
Game Gold West Tasty Minstrel Games
Game Steam Works Tasty Minstrel Games
Game Harbour Tasty Minstrel Games
Game Flip City Tasty Minstrel Games
Game Viva Java Dice Game (x2) Dice Hate Me Games
Game New Bedford (x2) Dice Hate Me Games
App Tsuro (iOS & Android) Thunderbox Entertainment
Game Xia: Legends of a Drift System Far Off Games
Game Tavarua Far Off Games
Game Crying With A Sad Clown: Postcard Edition (x5) Ockham's Razor Games 
Game Boss Monster 2 Limited Edition (x2) Indie Game Alliance
Game Heroes of History (x2) Indie Game Alliance
Game NOX Dad Mostly Loses
Game Scythe Meeples Included
Game Via Nebula Meeples Included