Thank you everyone for another wonderful #GenCant. It was wonderful to see everyone who participated in our Mega Plays, entered the photo contest, and chatted in our Discord. I know this has been a challenging time for so many of us – so I extra hope that this year’s GenCant brought some joy to you.

We must, of course, take a moment to recognize all the individuals and groups involved in making #GenCant the special event it is each year. These folks volunteer their time and resources to help make GenCant great… and this is truly a community driven event. Huge special thanks to:

I know I have ideas swirling for next year already. Please feel free to email me at with comments about the event, what you loved, what you’d like to see different next year, or suggestions on events and activities we can host in 2021.

Until #GenCant2021, stay safe, stay hydrated, and play games.


(Painting Contest and Raffle winners will be announced later this week. See their dedicated posts for more info)



Closing the doors on #GenCant2020