A Fake Artist Goes to New York is the delightful party game from Oink Games. We had an epiphany moment earlier this year and realized when it was GenCant time… we had to do a Play Along of this wonderful game. It’s the #FakeArtistPlayAlong.

A team from GenCant headquarters in Seattle, WA USA played some Fake Artist and we’re sharing the end images with you. YOUR goal is to figure out who (which color) was the fake artist and what the masterpiece was supposed to be. Every day of GenCant we’ll post (on Twitter and in our BGG Guild) a new #FakeArtistPlayAlong image. You can find the full rules for A Fake Artist Goes to New York on BGG.com.

How do you Play Along? Well, that’s up to you! You can tweet your answer by replying to the puzzle tweet (don’t forget the hashtag #FakeArtistPlayAlong) or submit your answer on the BGG Guild Thread for the game. Or – just enjoy the puzzle – no reply required. This Play Along game is just for fun – no prizing is associated with it (for that, you’ll want our Photo Contest or Raffle.)


We hope that you enjoy trying to solve the #GenCant #FakeArtistPlayAlong!


GenCant 2016 – A Fake Artist Goes To New York

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