Help us pick the first ever GenCant mascot! Thanks to our friends at Meeple Source, we’re going to design up a little friend that helps us celebrate GenCant. We sourced ideas from Twitter and BGG and the favorites are available to vote on!


So tell us what you think! Do you think our mascot should be the Canterpillar or Leeroy GenCants? Does a TouCant speak to you more than a Cantrip?


And hey – if you vote, you’ll be entered (one entry per person) to win a cool prize from Meeple Source!

(voting is closed – thank you to the 200+ of you who voted!)

(Voting closes Saturday 7/23/16 at 6pm PST)


We’re looking forward to having a little pal to keep us company at GenCant – we hope you are too.

Thank you!


GenCant Mascot

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