Thank you to everyone who contributed a badge design to the contest. As you’ll see, the designs ranged in style and theme…but all managed to be clever, fun, and functional. The winner will receive a $50 (USD) Gift Certificate to Cool Stuff Inc.

CONGRATS TO NAT WILAND for his winning design!



All of the badge submissions are shown below. Remember – ANY badge is acceptable for admission to #GenCant. So pick one you like or design your own and you’re in.*

amymicheleburns  cschreiber-1 brian.frahm cramer.robert cschreiber2 cschreiber3 cschreiber4 cschreiber5 darkparelle1 darkparelle2 deborah.obrien39 dflor1 dflor2 dflor3 dflor4 dkun72 geosciteach landon.squire npersram_blank patrickrainbolt  sirbob.com1 thekudojo   to_enforce_the_law_Blank travisdanielhill uwe_elsholz watcher9692 welcomewillie

(I’m working to get blank badges for the designs that have sample names embedded in them.)

And hey – David Flor created a super clever tool to generate your very own badge from one of his designs. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

*No badge of any sort is required for admission to #GenCant or for participation in #GenCant activities. Go play games!



#GenCant2015 Badge

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