Clean your brushes and ready your paints, it’s time for the GenCant Miniature Painting Competition (#GenCantMini2020)! We’d love to see what the community can whip up in 4 days of painting. New or experienced, we want to see your minis! There are no restrictions on brand, size, or color scheme so feel free to pick models from your favorite lines or games. The only rule is that you can’t start until #GenCant2020 begins.

We have a fabulous team of judges lined up including:

We also have a fabulous set of prizes from The Army Painter, purveyors of miniature paints, brushes, and supplies.

Here’s how to enter:

You’ll need to take a picture of your unpainted* miniature with the password #GenCantEntry2020 next to it. The password can be scrawled on piece of paper, on your computer screen, or even painted on to the base, so long as it’s visible. Tweet that photo out and make sure to add the #GenCantEntry2020 hashtag. Here’s an example…

photo of an entry sample

By Midnight of August 2nd (let’s say 11:59PM Pacific time Aug 2), 2020 tweet a picture of your fully painted miniature with the hashtag #GenCantMini2020. Our panel of judges will review the images and announce a winner the following week!

And what are our fabulous prizes? The winner will receive a MEGA Paint Set featuring 50 Army Painter paints and two brushes. We’ve also got an Army Painter Wet Palette for an honorable mention, and a set of Hobby Brushes for an Encouragement Award! No matter your experience, you’ve got a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

And – every entrant will get a Star Realms app code (one per entrant) courtesy of White Wizard Games. The code is for the Star Realms base game digital game (value $4.99) and allows the player to be able to play the AI, play others online and play campaign missions with the Star Realms base game, which won 7 Game of the Year awards.

*minis can be prepped and primed, just no base coating!



#GenCant2020 Painting Contest