The doors are open to GenCant 2020!

#GenCant is a virtual event designed to bring some gaming fun and excitement to all of those unable to attend Gen Con… and this year, our mission feels more relevant than ever as so many of us are looking for some entertainment and gaming while social distancing.

Folks new to GenCant will sometimes ask “but what IS it?” And that’s a difficult question to answer quickly. What started as a tongue-in-cheek social media moment… was quickly embraced by board gamers and we ran with that to help grow this event. This is our 7th year of GenCant and we’re so glad you’re here whether you just discovered us or have been with us from the earliest Twitter exchanges.

#GenCant Checklist

  1. You can print your GenCant badge (thanks to David Flor)! *
  2. Are you on Twitter and chatting using the #GenCant2020#GenCant hashtags and following @GenCant?
  3. Have you joined the Discord to help you connect with gamers and find online game sessions to jump into? Consider it our virtual “Players wanted” signs!
  4. Prefer We’re there too! Join our guild!
  5. Check out our Events this year. We’ve got a variety of activities planned from mass online plays of games together to comedy and trivia shows!
  6. Are you a miniatures painter? Our painting contest is on with some great prize support from The Army Painter and a panel of expert judges.
  7. And we’re ecstatic that after a year’s hiatus, our photo contest is back. This is our favorite part of #GenCant every year… and check out that grand prize from Chip Theory Games!
  8. Enter the raffle! We have a fabulous prize list (and yes, we have a number of prizes available for GenCanters around the world.)
  9. And hey – this year is unique for everyone’s access to Gen Con, so please check out Gen Con Online. Gen Con and publishers have been working hard to create a great online experience.
  10. Eat dessert first!

We know these times are challenging for many people out there. We hope that GenCant can provide just a bit of fun, levity, and gaming joy for you all.

Welcome to GenCant! The lines are short, the events are free, and the games are rad. We hope you have a wonderful time.

*Badge not required for any activities. It just makes you look super duper awesome.

#GenCant2020 – Welcome!