Button Shy and GenCant wanted to come up with a great new design challenge for the event this year – and the game design community really rose to that challenge. With over 100 (!) entries, we had a phenomenal pool on entrants to explore.

Thank you to everyone who worked to hard to make a game and submit it. We know it can be nerve-wracking and your efforts are valued. Ultimately, we picked a winner that we felt was a great game that fit GenCant really well. Congrats to Mike Berg on World’s Edge being the official game of #GenCant2022!

world's edge winning announcement graphic

There were MANY awesome games submitted this year. Find out all the details on World’s Edge (and the runner’s up Zebra and Vertical Village) at Button Shy’s site where you’ll also be able to download our Top 3 games for free!


#GenCant2022 – Game Design Challenge Winner

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