That’s (mostly) all for this year folks! I hope you had a great time with the GenCant activities you could participate in – whether it was a lot or just a little. We still have to complete the photo contest judging and raffle (which we know many of you are eagerly waiting for. ) I appreciate your patience as we get everything tucked away over the next couple of days.

As most of you know, GenCant is entirely volunteer run. I’d like to give a special thanks to some folks who helped make GenCant what it was this year.

  • Thank you Button Shy for hosting the always awesome game design challenge and to all the designers who submitted an entry. It was wonderful seeing you design and develop over the weeks and there were many good submissions.
  • Congrats to the game design challenge winner, Mike Berg with his game World’s End. And thank you to Mike and the two runners up (Jay Yeates and Rob Cramer) for sharing their games with GenCant this year.
  • Thank you Dutch Yoda and Board Game Blitz for hosting some hilarious and fun game streams!
  • Thank you Ben and Unpub (Nonepub) for hosting the incredible game jam! It sounds like this needs to be an annual event.
  • And of course a huge thank you to the generous donors that filled our prize pool to the brim!

And thank you everyone out there who joined a stream or posted a pic or answered a Question of the Day. You helped spread that GenCant spirit throughout the community during the event.

And we’re open to feedback! Feel free to send us a message with what you loved (or what you would like done differently) about GenCant this year. Do you have an idea for a GenCant activity? Feel free to send it in! And if you’d like to help with GenCant next year – we’d love to have you. We need Discord moderators, BGG chatters, graphics support, event runners, and more. for your comments and interest.

May the rest of your year be full of games and fun and health and we’ll see you next year!

It’s a wrap on #GenCant2022