Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas for the GenCant Mascot! GenCanters are truly clever and imaginative. We had some great suggestions and here are the finalists you voted on.

  • Cantosaurus The Dinosaur
  • Canterpillar The Caterpillar
  • Toucant the Toucan
  • Cantrip The Dragon
  • Cantrip The Scroll
  • Cantelope The Antelope
  • Leeroy GenCants
  • Pelicant The Pelican
  • GenCant Cantaloupe

After over 200 votes, the winner has been selected and the #GenCantMascot is the GenCanterpillar!


This little pal can hang out on your shoulder and remind you how, even though you’re not at Gen Con, there’s still a lot of fun to be had.


Thank you to Meeple Source for designing our new friend AND for making vinyl decals that you can order now! Better yet, they’ll be making an actual GenCanterpiller meeple that you’ll be able to order through their upcoming Kickstarter. Just imagine GenCanterpillars taking over Carcassonne or plotting locations in Targi!


In the meantime, you can download and print your own GenCanterpillar at home and let it hang out with you during your GenCant adventurers. And hey – take some snaps of it in the wild and share them on our BGG Guild or on social media with the #GenCantMascot hashtag!

Canterpillar       GenCanterpillar

Thank you to all the GenCanters who made suggestions and voted! And thank you to our friends at Meeple Source for sponsoring our mascot!

Announcing the #GenCantMascot

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