A cool event has been set up for all #GenCanters to participate in!  #GenCantSoloCon


This year, solo gamers are invited to participate in a Solo Con, a dedicated solitaire board gaming event inspired by #GenCant and hosted by the 1 Player Podcast and the Low Player Count podcast. Here’s how you can participate:
All con long (from Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, August 2)
Participate in and complete unique daily competitions to earn the most points each day. Each day has a different theme, focusing on the various ways that people choose to play solo games. These are the primary ways participants can get points towards prizes, but they are not the only way…
The purpose of mini challenges is to give participants other ways to obtain points while keeping them “on their toes” throughout #gencantsolocon, rewarding those who follow along. You’ll see postings from 1 Player Podcast and Low Player Count Podcast on their podcast feeds, guilds, and on Twitter.
Follow 1 Player Podcast and Low Player Count Podcast on Twitter and this Geeklist throughout the event to find the mini challenge postings.
  • Play an appropriate game on the designated day. Multiple games can be played multiple times.
  • Fill out the form located on the page for the #GenCantSoloCon for each game you play.
  • Tweet a picture of the endgame. Bonus if you Periscope it too! (This is for fun and unnecessary to win, but you will get bonus points if you do!)
  • Attach the appropriate hashtag: #gencantsolocon.
Thank you to Julius Besser and Travis Hill for organizing this event.

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