One of our new activity offerings this year is an interactive story event hosted by Peter Newland (from Mind The Gap Studios) with Adi and Liz (from Gather Round Games.)

Interactive Story Time is a live/impromptu version of a text based adventure puzzle “room” where the designers are “the game” and the audience is “the player”. Using the GenCant Discord and Google Drawing, the game will provide prompts and the players (you!) will discuss what commands to give the game. You will probably die. A lot. But we will wrap up each adventure in about an hour.

Games are scheduled for Saturday August 1 at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm (all times Pacific).

No fee for participation! Open to all ages.



Mind The Gap Studios is an analog game publisher who’ve created games like Wizard Dodgeball and the brand new Flapjack Flipout.

Gather Round Games is the publisher of Someone Has Died.


Let’s Tell A Story…