The entries to our silly #NutellaPoem contest (sponsored by LudiCreations) far exceeded our expectations in quantity and quality.

Congrats to our two winners who will receive a copy of Kune v Lakia! 
Best Haiku: Bartman1000 (BGG)

Nutella so good
Spreads like a warm summer breeze
Not yet a food group?

Best Limerick: wgerken (BGG)

Nutella is food, dare you say?
All this time, I thought it was for romantic play
Color be embarrassed this very day
I’ll have to try some with my fiancé

And because there were so many good ones, we wanted to highlight a few more of our favorites! GenCanters rock!

Honorable mention: rebats (BGG)

Based on a true story:

Nutella once bought
Now sitting on shelf expired
Very much disliked

“This escalated quickly” award: disom (BGG)

I love Nutella
She’s my hazel-nutty bride
Till death do us part

“Best read in Christian Bale’s voice” award: SonOfAMitch82 (Twitter)

Nutella Haiku?
Sounds yummy, man this is hard.
I am the batman.

“It’s ok, we still like you” award: TylerEJenkins (Twitter)

Nutella. Loathesome.
Why not spoon Marshmallow Creme.
Don’t want. I’m alone.

“Almost worth it” award: petrix (BGG)

I’ve never eaten Nutella.
I’m such an unlucky fella.
One day I might try it,
I could even buy it,
But I probably won’t because my son is allergic to hazelnuts and it’s probably a good idea to not keep it in the house just in case he gets confused and thinks it’s chocolate sauce and puts it on ice cream and then we have to go to the emergency room and nobody wants that.

Pun award: SPBTool (BGG)
Best product placement award: SPBTool (BGG)

There once was a royal rabbit pair.
Carrots with spread, the duke tried to share.
But Nutella It Seems,
Contains Theobromine.
Leading to Court and the Splitting of Hares.

“Wait, what?” award: Muel wisdom (BGG)

There’s one thing that I can’t resist
It’s brown with a nutty twist
I spread it around
It’s the best that I’ve found
Oh and Nutella is OK too, I guess.

Thank you everyone for your delightful entries!
And thank you LudiCreations for sponsoring such a fun contest!



#NutellaPoem Winners

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