Thanks to our generous prize donors, we have another awesome prize pool this year! Over the last 6 GenCants, we’ve given away thousands of games and accessories (courtesy of our sponsors and donors) to help spread some gaming fun to everyone at home. While not everyone can win a prize, we hope that everyone can enjoy some  of the GenCant events throughout the weekend. And please, if you have a moment, thank our donors on social media. They recognize the spirit of GenCant and want to contribute to it.

The items listed below will be offered as prizes for our various #GenCant2020 events and the remaining are added to the prize pool for our very popular annual raffle.

If you’d like to donate to our prize pool, you can find out on our Get Involved page.

Tussie Mussie (x10)Button Shy
Unmatched: Cobble & Fog (x2)Restoration Games
Conspiracy (x2)Restoration Games
Dinosaur Tea Party (x2)Restoration Games
Fireball Island (x2)Restoration Games
Forgotten Water (x2)Plaid Hat Games
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs - Deluxe (x6)Gamelyn Games
EXIT: The Enchanted ForestKOSMOS Games
EXIT: The Cemetery of the KnightKOSMOS Games
Adventure Games: The Volcanic IslandKOSMOS Games
TargiKOSMOS Games
Targi The ExpansionKOSMOS Games
AqualinKOSMOS Games
Rivals for CATAN DeluxeCatan Studio
A Game of Thrones CATANCatan Studio
StarfarersCatan Studio
CATAN: Rise of the InkasCatan Studio
CATAN JuniorCatan Studio
CATAN Dice Game (x3)Catan Studio
CATAN + CATAN 5-6 Extension (x2)Catan Studio
ALDR: The High SageThe Krewe from Board Game Gumbo
Dawn of MankindThe Krewe from Board Game Gumbo
LOTS (x2)Royal N Games
Hues and Cues (x4)The Op | Usaopoly
Telestrations Upside Drawn (x4)The Op | Usaopoly
Harry Potter House Cup (x2)The Op | Usaopoly
Scooby Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion (x2)The Op | Usaopoly
Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake (x2)The Op | Usaopoly
JunKingJunk Spirit Games
By Order of the QueenJunk Spirit Games
Tyler Sigman's CrowsJunk Spirit Games
Battle of the BardsJunk Spirit Games
Empires of the Void IIRed Raven Games
Deep Vents (x6)Red Raven Games
The Ancient World, 2nd EditionRed Raven Games
Near and FarRed Raven Games
Flapjack FlipoutMind The Gap Studios
Godspeed (x2)Pandasaurus Games
Ctrl (x4)Pandasaurus Games
The Mind Extreme (x6)Pandasaurus Games
Floor Plan (x6)Deep Water Games
Welcome To New Las Vegas (x6)Deep Water Games
Welcome To... Halloween Expansion (x2)Deep Water Games
Welcome To... Winter Wonderland Expansion (x2)Deep Water Games
Welcome To... Zombie Outbreak ExpansionDeep Water Games
Welcome To... Nuclear Doomsday Expansion (x2)Deep Water Games
Welcome To... Summer Ice Cream Expansion (x2)Deep Water Games
Jixia AcademyDeep Water Games
Realm of SandDeep Water Games
Mystery of the TemplesDeep Water Games
Shadows in KyotoDeep Water Games
Trial of the TemplesDeep Water Games
Socerer StonesDeep Water Games
The Grand Carnival (x2)Uproarious Games
Word DominationUproarious Games
Getaway DriverUproarious Games
Chai DeluxeSteeped Games
Rival Restaurants Deluxe Edition (x4)Gap Closer Games
Cosmic Colonies
Floodgate Games
Sagrada Bundle (incl Passion & Life expansions)Floodgate Games
Crossed WordsIndie Boards & Cards
Coldest NightIndie Boards & Cards
Kodama 3DIndie Boards & Cards
Aeon's End New AgeIndie Boards & Cards
CoupIndie Boards & Cards
The ResistanceIndie Boards & Cards
EgiziaStronghold Games
Aftershock + ExpansionStronghold Games
Fast Sloths + ExpansionStronghold Games
Ripple RushStronghold Games
Divvy DiceStronghold Games
Menace Among UsSmirk & Dagger
Wooly WhammothSmirk & Dagger
Iron Clays 400 (print box) + 2 decks Iron SpadesRoxley Games
Kare KareDevir Games
RatzziaDevir Games
Paris: La Cité de la Lumière Devir Games
Poop The Game (x10)Breaking Games
We're Doomed (x5)Breaking Games
Moonquake EscapeBreaking Games
Atlantis RisingElf Creek Games
Fry Thief (x4)Laid Back Games
BG Stats App code (x10)BG Stats App
Deadly Doodles 1 & 2Steve Jackson Games
SJG Bundle: Scarf n Barf, Z shot, SJG diceSteve Jackson Games
Handmade Board Game Shadowbox artJohn Dubois
Winner's choice of any in-stock Quiver Time productQuiver Time