Thanks to our generous prize donors, we have another awesome prize pool this year! Over the years we’ve given away thousands of games and accessories (courtesy of our sponsors and donors) to help spread some gaming fun to everyone at home. While not everyone can win a prize, we hope that everyone can enjoy some  of the GenCant events throughout the weekend. And please, if you have a moment, thank our donors on social media. They recognize the spirit of GenCant and want to contribute to it.

If you’d like to donate to our prize pool, you can find out on our Get Involved page.

Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol. 1Restoration Games
Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol. 2Restoration Games
Unmatched Little Red Ridinghood vs BeowulfRestoration Games
Unmatched Robin Hood vs BigfootRestoration Games
Unmatched Jurassic Park Satler vs T. Rex (with Malcolm mini) (x2)Restoration Games
Return to Dark Tower (base game)Restoration Games
Dinosaur Tea PartyRestoration Games
Berried TreasureRestoration Games
Stop ThiefRestoration Games
Downforce with expansions bundleRestoration Games
Call to Adventure: Epic OriginsBrotherwise
Castles by the SeaBrotherwise
Familiar Tales (x2)Plaid Hat Games
Quirky Circuits: Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day (x2)Plaid Hat Games
NorthgardStudio H & Hachette
AkropolisGigamic & Hachette
Critical FoudnationGigamic & Hachette
Turing MachineScorpion Masque & Hachette
Oh ReallyRandolph & Hachette
Movie MindGigamic & Hachette
DecryptoScorpion Masque & Hachette
QuoridorGigamic & Hachette
NidavellirGrrre Games & Hachette
Tiny Epic Dungeons Deluxe (x4)Gamelyn Games
Sagrada Bundle! Core Game, 5&6 Player Expansion, Passion, Life, GloryFloodgate Games
Sagrada Core Game (x2)Floodgate Games
Fog of Love (x2)Floodgate Games
Vivid Memories (x2)Floodgate Games
Decorum (x2)Floodgate Games
Kites (x2)Floodgate Games
Sobek: 2 Players (x6)Pandasaurus
Trek12 (x6)Pandasaurus
MonsDRAWsity (x6)Deep Water Games
OriginsBoard & Dice
Founders of TeoBoard & Dice
TabannusiBoard & Dice
Mandala Stones + ExpansionBoard & Dice
Season 1Dice Throne
Season 2Dice Throne
Marvel Battle Chest (not the KS version)Dice Throne
Dice Throne AdventuresDice Throne
Avalon Big BoxIndie Board & Cards
QuestIndie Board & Cards
Crack the CodeIndie Board & Cards
Sherlock Files Marvelous MysteriesIndie Board & Cards
Sherlock Files Devilish DetailsIndie Board & Cards
Make it HappenIndie Board & Cards
Aeon's End OutcastsIndie Board & Cards
Aeon's End New AgeIndie Board & Cards
Kodama ForestIndie Board & Cards
Super Deluxe RadlandsRoxley
Brass BirminghamRoxley
Steampunk Rally FusionRoxley
Ares ExpeditionStronghold Games
Terraforming MarsStronghold Games
DulceStronghold Games
Root (x2)Leder Games
OathLeder Games
Fort + Cats and Dogs exp (x2)Leder Games
Vast: The Mysterious ManorLeder Games
Ahoy (x2) (ships oct 2022)Leder Games
Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Epic Alliances (Core) + Turning the Tide Expansion (x8)The Op - Usaopoly
Mountains out of Molehills (x6)The Op - Usaopoly
Hues and Cues (x6)The Op - Usaopoly
VENN (x6)The Op - Usaopoly
Blank Slate (x4)The Op - Usaopoly
Marvel Dice Throne – 4 Hero Pack (Loki/Thor/Scarlet Witch/Spider Man) (x4)The Op - Usaopoly
Disney Smash Up (x4)The Op - Usaopoly
Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game (x4)The Op - Usaopoly
MezoKolossal Games
Omen: Reign of WarKolossal Games
RiversideChilifox Games
DoodledashChilifox Games
Hunt the RavagerKolossal Games
B-MoviesKolossal Games
Heroes of Normandie: Big Red OneDevil Pig Games
Juicy FruitsCapstone Games
WatergateCapstone Games
Ark NovaCapstone Games
RiftforceCapstone Games
Kabuto SumoBoard Game Tables
BitesBoard Game Tables
DandelionsBoard Game Tables
Psychic PizzaBoard Game Tables
Mountain goatsBoard Game Tables
QEBoard Game Tables
Luna CapitalDevir
Red Cathedral with ContractorsDevir
Walkie TalkieDevir
Merchants of the Dark RoadElf Creek Games
Honey BuzzElf Creek Games
Times upR & R Games
WitchstoneR & R Games
Rise of the GangesR & R Games
Quiver Card CaseQuivertime
Bolt Card CaseQuivertime
Citadel Deck BlockQuivertime
WUBRG 80+ Standard Deck BlocksQuivertime
WUBRG 100+ Standard Deck BlocksQuivertime
Apollo Clear Card Sleeves (any in stock color/size)Quivertime
Artemis Color Card Sleeves (any in stock color/size)Quivertime

Some prizes will be offered as prizes for our various #GenCant2022 events and the remaining are added to the prize pool for our very popular annual raffle.