#Tweetsterium is a one-shot game of the game Mysterium (or Tajemnicze Domostwo.)

We played a few rounds earlier in the year on Twitter and it was a lot of fun (and pretty challenging) so we will be playing some rounds for #GenCant this year! Playing #Tweetsterium is just for fun and bragging rights. #Tweetsterium “boards” will be posted on the website, tweeted from @GenCant on Twitter, and posted in the BGG Guild.

You will be presented with a tableau that shows 4 each of the following: Weapons, Locations, and Suspects. Your goal is to identify the correct single weapon, location, and murderer combination from the clues given.

Here’s what a #Tweetsterium looks like


To answer, simply indicate the Letter-Number-Letter combo you think answers the #Tweetsterium. For example an answer could look like: B-2-Z (or you can just name the items.)

Answers will be posted in the #Tweetsterium BGG GeekList. Don’t worry, they’re behind spoiler tags, so you won’t see them without clicking on them. You can argue with me about how poorly I clued the answers on Twitter or in the BGG post.

The way the #Tweetsterium boards were created:

  • 4 weapons, locations, and suspects were laid out.
  • 12 clue cards were drawn.
  • Clues were assigned from that hand of 12 cards. I selected the weapon/location/suspect based on the clues in hand.

(Thanks to Pete Newland for the #Tweetsterium hashtag!)


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