Welcome to GenCant 2018!

We’re so excited you’re here and part of our unconvention.

Not sure what GenCant is really about? Well – if you’re not at Gen Con you’re already at GenCant! You can read our quick history from 5 years ago (!) but the short of it is: #GenCant is a virtual event designed to bring some gaming fun and excitement to all of those unable to attend Gen Con. We love games! We love Gen Con! But let’s face it, far more of us CAN’T go than can. So GenCant is here to fill that gap.

#GenCant Checklist

  1. Don’t forget to grab your badge! *
  2. See if there’s a local GenCant event in your area
  3. Are you on Twitter watching for the #GenCant2018 & #GenCant hashtags and following @GenCant?
  4. Print out your Welcome To… board for MEGA Welcome To hosted by Nerd Nighters and Deep Water Games
  5. Play Tussie Mussie and Seasons of Rice, our #GenCant2018 game contest winners
  6. Try your hand at miniature painting in our #GenCantMini2018 contest
  7. Get your #PuzzleBreak on with Gigamic
  8. Grab a shirt, bag, or mug as a great souvenir of your GenCant fun
  9. Enter the raffle! (check out the prize list from our generous donors!)

But in case you’re still unsure of what you can do to be part of #GenCant…

  • Wherever you are – play some games
  • Talk with other gamers about games and all the cool news out of Gen Con

*Badge not required for any activities… but who doesn’t love a little convention flair?

Welcome to #GenCant2018

One thought on “Welcome to #GenCant2018

  • August 3, 2018 at 3:32 am

    Woo hoo! GENCAN’T! I’ve got 13 people cramming into my humble basement.


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