Welcome to the third annual GenCant!

We may not be at Gen Con, but we’re still going to have a ton of fun playing games, talking about games, and bemoaning not being at Gen Con. And remember, if you’re not at Gen Con you’re at GenCant!

If you’re wondering where to get started…

#GenCant Checklist

  1. You’ve already registered… but did you grab your badge?
  2. Have you checked for any local gaming events in your area?
  3. Have you checked out the #GenCant BoardGameGeek.com guild?
  4. Are you on Twitter watching for the #GenCant2016 & #GenCant hashtags and following @GenCant?
  5. Do you have your cameras ready to snap and share some of your great #GenCant experiences?
  6. Ready to have some fun with our Play Alongs, #FakeArtistPlayAlong and #PotionPlayAlong?
  7. Have you entered the raffle?


But in case you’re still unsure of what you can do to be part of #GenCant…

  • Wherever you are – play some games
  • Talk with other gamers about games and all the cool news out of Gen Con



OPENING DAY #GenCant2016

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