#GenCant is a virtual event designed to bring some gaming fun and excitement to all of those unable to attend Gen Con. After a hiatus last year, we’re so excited to be back. Who is GenCant for? Everyone who doesn’t get to go to Gen Con! Participate from home, at your convenience, and completely for free! We aim to be casual, fun, and inclusive.

#GenCant Checklist

  1. Are you on Twitter and chatting using the #GenCant2022#GenCant hashtags and following @GenCant?
  2. Play the winner of the Design Challenge and the official game of GenCant – World’s Edge by Mike Berg! (You can also play the two great runner’s up – Zebra and Vertical Village.)
  3. Check out our streams this year! Our hosts, Board Game Blitz and Dutch Yoda will be running some super fun streams (that’ll even get you playing along.)
  4. Game designer (or aspiring game designer)? We’ve got a game jam hosted by Unpub/Nonepub! Don’t be shy – jump in. Game jams are incredibly fun and we’ve got some great designers on tap to help get you going. Get all the details on the Unpub site and join the Unpub Discord to get involved!
  5. Post for the annual Photo Contest. This is our favorite part of #GenCant every year… and check out that grand prize from Restoration Games!
  6. And, of course, don’t forget to enter our raffle. We’ve got a truly awesome prize pool this year (thanks to all the generous donors)!

Welcome to GenCant! The lines for the bathroom are short, the coffee is made just the way you like it, and we’ve still got attendees from all around the world. We hope you have a wonderful time.

welcome to gencant 2022

Welcome to #GenCant2022