We are so proud to present WELCOME TO DINO WORLD, the winner of the #GenCant Roll and Write game design contest.

James O’Connor, of Stellaris Games, created a game that has a fun theme, interesting decisions at both the dice and the draw points, and played fabulously solo. It was “publisher ready” and a unanimous judges’ choice to be the official game of #GenCant2017.

Featuring stunning art by Beth Sobel, Welcome to Dino World, is available in a low ink and full color version for you to download, print, and play at home. All you’ll need is the printout, a writing implement, and 3 standard D6s (aka six-sided dice) to play.

(download alert: it’s a big zip file – 42MB)

On behalf of James, Beth, and the judging panel (Eduardo, Mandi, Mason, and Nicole) I hope you enjoy Welcome to Dino World. Play it on your own! Play it with friends or family! And make sure to share pictures and tag GenCant so that we can show off the awesome dinosaur park action.


Of course, it should go without saying, please do not redistribute, merchandise, or sell Welcome to Dino World or its art (in whole or in part.)

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  • August 17, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Loved this! Great game, and incredible art! In my first solo game, I scored 37 – who can beat it?!

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