Like many of you, we love roll-and-write games. Usually consisting of dice and some scoresheets, these games have proven to have wonderful range in complexity, depth, and theme. Not quite sure what a roll-and-write game is? Think of Yahtzee, Qwixx, Saint Malo, Avenue, and OctoDice.

We thought a roll-and-write game would be the perfect Official Game of GenCant! We want to find a game that is easy for anyone to download, print, and play at home. And that’s where you come in. In the spirit of GenCant, we invite all of YOU to try your hand and creating a fun experience for all. Grab some dice, paper, and get to designing. We’ve assembled a fabulous panel of judges from the gaming industry to help select the winning design and we’ve arranged for very special prize for that winning designer.

The winner of the #GenCant #RollAndWrite contest will not only be the Official Game of GenCant! Notable artist, Beth Sobel, will illustrate the winning game (with art rights granted to the winning designer.) This is a pretty big deal as you may know Beth’s art from such games as Viticulture, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, World’s Fair 1893, Trickster, and more! Thank you so much to Beth for donating her services for GenCant!


Roll And Write Rules


Eduardo Baraf is a game designer, publisher, and reviewer. His games include The Siblings Trouble, Heroes & Tricks, and Herbaceous

JR Honeycutt is a game designer and developer who works for Restoration Games and Ironwall Games

Nicole Hoye is a writer and game reviewer for The Daily Worker Placement

Mandi Hutchinson is a game reviewer with To Die For Games and Dice Tower contributor

Mason Weaver is a podcaster with The Five By and WDYPTW shows


We’re so excited to see what you come up with! Will we be drawing paths or jotting down numbers? Ticking boxes or drawing shapes? We hope you have as much fun designing and we have playing. Please direct questions on the contest to


#GenCant2017 Roll-And-Write Contest

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